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I'm really interested in making sure I optimize the use of jQuery resources throughout my site. I'm developing a wordpress site that requires including a few different javascript files given certain scenarios when functions are fired - for example, a file that holds the jQuery associated with the banner element, and another that holds jQuery for the login (eg. in the case the user is logged in, the login.js file isn't included). At some points multiple files will be required while at others only one or a different set, so the question is: how do I optimize the jQuery within each file, specifically referring to having multiple documents with document ready?

Currently I have jQuery(document).ready(function ($){ but I imagine that running a document ready twice or more on the same page isn't a best practice.

Obviously I could hand create a jQuery file for each case and load that based on the scenario presented, but that just seems like it would be a nightmare to keep up.

Thanks for any and all help!!

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Why would the use of multiple jQuery(document).ready(function ($){ not be a best practice? It's definitely "preferred" to combine code into one if possible, but if your Javascript/HTML is separated enough that you can't, there's nothing wrong with several ready methods. All that calling .ready() is doing is saying "when the DOM is ready, run this function". So if you include multiple calls, it's overall saying "when the DOM is ready, run all these functions". –  Ian Feb 15 '13 at 7:21
Hi @Ian! That was my question, thank you very much. I try to combine scripts as much as possible, but certain scenarios just don't make a good practice (ie. including a live search function when the user is not logged in). If running more than one .ready()is not harmful, great! Thanks again! –  Drew Dello Stritto Feb 15 '13 at 7:26

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Another alternative solution from using multiple .ready functions is to create a ready function and add other function calls to it

var readyFunc;

function addReady(func) {
  var oldReady = readyFunc;
  if (typeof readyFunc != 'function') {
    readyFunc = func;
  } else {
     readyFunc = function() {

function test()
alert ("Hi");


function test1()
alert ("Hi2");


jQuery(document).ready(function ($){ readyFunc();}
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Is this doable across several different js files? If so this might be a pretty cool little function. If I follow how it works, I could throw my the sitewide.js file where I have (functions I need across all pages) at the very bottom of the page and load the .js files above those with functions loaded into the addReady() and these in turn would be loaded into the final jQuery(document).ready(function ($){ readyFunc();}? –  Drew Dello Stritto Feb 15 '13 at 8:12
@DrewDelloStritto Yes this is doable, but this functionality is basically what jQuery(document).ready(function () {}); already takes care of... –  Ian Feb 26 '13 at 20:58

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