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I am trying to use Action<string, bool> type of delegate to invoke the Dispatcher.Invoke

Named method to use with detegate

private void SomeMethod(string name,out bool result)

When I used the following it gives an error says not matching to signature.

Dispatcher.Invoke(new Action<string, bool>(SomeMethod),new Object[2]{name, result});  

What is the wrong I am doing here. Please correct me.

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Action<,> doesn't have an out parameter. You'd need to use your own delegate, like this:

public void ActionOut<T1, T2>(T1 input, out T2 output)

That might work (in terms of not throwing an exception) - I'm sure it would with reflection; I'm not so sure about with Dispatcher.Invoke. It won't leave the result value in your result variable though - it will leave it in the array, which you're then ignoring. You'd want:

object[] args = new object[] { name, null };
Dispatcher.Invoke(new ActionOut<string, bool>(SomeMethod), args);
result = (bool) args[1];

But it would be better to just make the method return the result, and use a Func<string, bool> instead. You should almost never use an out parameter in a method which returns void. To my mind, out parameters are effectively designed to let you return more than one value - if you only want to return one value, use the return type!

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Ok. I understood what is the wrong that I am trying to do.Your answer completely address my issue. I will use Func<string, bool>. Thanks for the answer. – New Developer Feb 15 '13 at 7:25

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