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How can I delete all blocked users with Drush? I have hundreds of blocked users from spammers. I want to delete all these users. I tried doing it through the web interface, but this only works for about 20 users at a time. I have 60 pages to delete, which takes too long and is unsustainable. Also, I want all the relevant callbacks to be run when a blocked user is deleted, and I want all its content deleted. I noticed http://drush.ws/#user-cancel, but this appears to only apply to a single user. Is there a way to make this command work with all blocked users?

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Here is your response :). Custom module for drupal 7. In the admin/people area there is a new form for complete this operation. Too with drush. drupal.stackexchange.com/questions/38942/… –  lgrtm Sep 11 '13 at 7:26

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Drush does not have a simple command to delete all blocked accounts. It would probably be easier to set up a vbo view in you admin interface that lets you filter for blocked users then you can select all and cancel.

You can also run a php script with drush php-script script.php.

So you can set up a php script that does a query for blocked users then loops through though users and calls the user cancel function.

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Using Drupal 7 and Drush 5.9, the way I did was:

1- Create an alias "@example-local" to your local Drupal installation, as shown here.

2- Create a script file called "delete-blocked-users.script", at, say, "/Users/username/scripts/drush", with the following code:

#!/usr/bin/env drush

$users = db_query("SELECT * FROM {users} WHERE (status = 0)");
foreach ($users as $user) {
  exec("drush @example-local user-cancel $user->name -y");

3- Make the script file executable with:

chmod +x ~/scripts/drush/delete-blocked-users.script 

4- And finally, run the script using:

drush @example-local scr ~/scripts/drush/delete-blocked-users.script 

This will delete all the blocked users (users with status = 0), without asking for confirmation (defined by the -y flag).

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Besides drush, is just easier access to mysql data using user, password and database name that you can find in file drupalhomedir/sites/default/setting.php with command:

mysql -u username-at-setting -ppassword-at-setting database-at-setting

then delete all records on drupal 'user' table with:

DELETE FROM user WHERE status=0;
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While technically correct, this will delete records from the users table but would orphan a lot of data that is attached to a user in Drupal. Custom fields and contributed content would all be left behind. –  zkent Jul 29 '14 at 9:19

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