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this is my first question on this forum! I am trying to write a test file for a class in another file (All in Python btw) and I get a NameError: global variable name here undefined. I'll show you some example code of what Im doing.

import unittest
from File import *

class TestFile(unittest.TestCase):

    def object_test_setup(self, elements): 
        s = CustomClass() #from imported File, have to import items this way.
        for item in elements:
        return (a)

    def test_contains_tuple_element(self):
        '''Return True iff CustomClass contains tuple element'''
        custom_object = object_test_setup([1, "string!", ("TUP", "LE")])
        element = ("TUP", "LE")
        self.assertTrue(custom_object.__contains__(element)) # __contains__ is defined in File

yeah so the object gets initialized just fine, all the methods in the imported file work on the object, but for some reason my NameError says NameError: global name 'object_test_setup' is not defined

which I dont understand because everything is imported works in that file, I believe I imported correctly and the global NameError is from a function within the class itself. why wont this work? All help is much appreciated!

Many thanks, Thomas

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self.object_test_setup(...)? –  Joachim Pileborg Feb 15 '13 at 8:02

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It's a class method, so you need to call it like one:

custom_object = self.object_test_setup([1, "string!", ("TUP", "LE")])
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