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I'm having some trouble sending a cookie with my test request. I've tried something like this:

# First request to log in, retrieve cookie from response
response = self.app_client.post('/users/login', query_string={ data.. )
cookie = response.headers['Set-Cookie'] # Contains: user_hash=3f305370487731289a7f9bd8d379a1c2; Domain=.flowdev.com; Path=/

# Second request that requires the cookie
response = self.app_client.get('/users/', headers={'Set-Cookie': cookie})
# Here i print out request.cookies.get('user_hash') inside the app, which contains None

I suppose it's not this simple, but I don't know how to build the cookie in the correct way here. How should the second request be created so it sends along the cookie in the header?


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God I feel so stupid, it was a simply switch to Cookie from Get-Cookie. I was 100% sure I had tried that alot before but I guess when something else was wrong. Either way I'll mark this as correct but feel free to remove this question if necessary. =)

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