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I'm using rebar to compile & generate a release.

Under my /apps folder, i have app1, app2. Currently the rel/reltool.config had app1, app2 configured. The console works as expected without errors.

I want only app1 to start on node startup, and manually start app2 via app1's supervisor.

Various Attempts at commenting/different values of incl_cond, etc have led to rebar generate errors like "must include app2 in release, cannot be excluded"

Suggestions appreciated. ~B

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You can either make app2 an included application of app1, by adding this to app1.app.src:

{included_applications, [app2]}

Or in your reltool.config, mark app2 as load-only, like this:

{rel, "myrelease", "1",
     {app2, load}
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Thanks legoscia ( and rnewson on #rebar irc ) for the solution. –  bosky101 Feb 15 '13 at 12:38
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