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public class Streams extends Thread {

    private BluetoothSocket clientSocket;
    private InputStream input;
    private OutputStream output;

    public void Streams(BluetoothSocket s)
        clientSocket = s;
        try {
            input = s.getInputStream();
            output = s.getOutputStream();
            Log.d("RTR","Got Socket Streams");
        }catch (Exception e){
            Log.d("RTR","Unable to get Socket IO Streams");

    public void run()
       //create an infinite loop for reading data.This method runs in seperate Thread


    public void write(Byte[] bytes)


I'm getting an error at last commented line output.write(bytes).'Cannot resolve method java.lang.Byte[]'.

What might be the problem?

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write() method of OutputStream accepts byte[] object not Byte[] of java.lang

 public void write(byte[] bytes)

Have a look here

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