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I am a programmer , and I want to use kalman-filters in work, but I got stuck on it because these formulas are difficult to understand, can you tell me what base knowledge are needed if I want to understand kalman filters? By the way, I have learned some base data structures and algorthm, but my math is not very good.

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It depends what you have in mind by "understand". If you want to understand how to derive a filter, tweak it and apply to a complex task you need a good matrix algebra and algorithms' grip on top of a very good understanding of mathematical modeling which means differential equations.

If you want to understand how already written Kalman algorithm works, and that, it is only a more "flexible/adaptive" version of low pass filter, you need only some good book and do not go deep into equations. One of the best books I can recommend is by Kim Phil

If you want to have more specific answer, you probably need to ask more specific question as @hd1 already suggested.

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What does your data look like? It's entirely possible the Kalman filter is not the one you need. I'd read the abstract and maybe some of the references. At that point, if you have further questions, post specific questions here.

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