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I have little knowledge of how aspx works. But as I'm working in a cms system based on aspx. I try to tweek thinks so they work regardless :)

Therefore, I have created a jquery/ajax call that gets the data for my td:

$("td .pricetag").each( function() {
var thecell = $(this);
var pgroup = $(this).attr('group');
var plink = "Default.aspx?ID=148&fb=true&mode=-1&groupid=" + pgroup;
var endprice = "999999";
var endlabel = "";
      success: function(result) {
        pprice = result.split("**")[1];
        plabel = result.split("**")[2];
        price = pprice.split("!#");
        labels = plabel.split("!#");
        for(i=0;i<price.length;i++) { j=parseInt(price[i]); k=parseInt(endprice); if(j!=0 && j<k) { minprice = price[i]; endprice = price[i]; endlabel = label[i]; }}
        if(endlabel=="") { endlabel = "from:"; }
        $(this).prev('td').html(endlabel); }

However, as this script is called several times - once for each product - it takes a very long time to complete the page. Therefore, I need to run this - or a similar function - on the server - rather than from the client.

Only requirement is that it works! Language, script-type etc. is irrelevant :)

Believe that C# or possibly Java could be the answer - but again - I have little experience with aspx and have not been able to find the answer elsewhere...

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why are you using split() too much why don't you are using json? –  शेखर Feb 15 '13 at 9:16
no other reason than lack of experience with json :) also, there are more prices with each product group. –  Morten Repsdorph Husfeldt Feb 15 '13 at 10:53
The data he is receiving is not json - see Morten's original post here –  Mike C Feb 15 '13 at 14:26

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