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I have a question regarding percent-encoding of email-addresses (RFC 5322) in mailto URIs (RFC 6068 / RFC 3986).

EMail-addresses may contain - among other otherwise forbidden characters - the "@" (at-character) within the local-part if it is in double-quotes. That is,


is a valid address. (Note that I use angle-brackets as delimiters -they are not part of the address.)

This is an example I found in RFC6068, and according to it the corresponding mailto URI is:


Looking at the syntax rules, however, it is not clear to me whether it is necessary to percent encode the "@", or if the following URI would be valid, too:


That is: Which rule requires the "@" in the local-part to be escaped? Is it because I have percent-encoded the <"> double quotes, and now the rule "@ has to be in double quotes if it appears in the local-part" is not applicable anymore?

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