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In messages.en.yml, I have

   confirmed: Congrats %username%, your account is now activated.

But I want to 'bold' username to example ... how can I made this ?

  confirmed: Congrats <span class='bold'>%username%</span>, your account is now activated.   

Of course I could use two sentence in this example like

first: Congrats
second: ,your account ... 

and inside twig use the html tag but its very dirty

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Update 2

In such cases, I started to use like this:

confirmed: Congrats %start_link%%username%%end_link%, your account is now activated

Since separation of concerns is maintained, this way is strongly recommended.

Although translations and design should be kept separated there are always some situations that you must use html tags inside translation files as it is also seen in huge projects like facebook and twitter too.

In such situations, you can use XLIFF format which is being recommended by Symfony. Inside translation file:

<trans-unit id="1">
   <target>Congrats <![CDATA[<span class='bold'>%username%</span>]]> , your account is now activated.</target>


In YAML, I have used translations like this without any problem:

trans.key: click <a href="%url%">here</a> to continue
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Hm... i like the yml heh so for this time i will separete them into two sentences but THX for this info! To future it will come handly probably :) This is the answer i was looking for. –  Trki Feb 15 '13 at 10:13
@Trki I have updated my answer for YAML one. –  Ferhad Feb 19 '13 at 9:08
You can use the raw filter to show the htmlspecialchars correctly {{ 'key'|trans|raw }} –  Rvanlaak Sep 10 '13 at 9:51

Translation files are for translations, design and layout is part of the view layer (namely: template engine (twig)). You can split it into two pieces: congrats and account.activated.

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