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I have the following code which working in localhost but not working on real server.

global $wpdb, $table_prefix;

$table = $table_prefix . 'users';
$wpdb->insert($table, array(
    'user_pass'=>  md5($Fields['Password']), 

$getRegisterID = $wpdb->insert_id;
$my_user = new WP_User($getRegisterID);

// Update User Meta
update_user_meta($getRegisterID, 'rich_editing', 'true');
update_user_meta($getRegisterID, 'show_admin_bar_front', 'true');
update_user_meta($getRegisterID, 'admin_color', 'fresh');
update_user_meta($getRegisterID, 'nickname', $Fields['Name']);
update_user_meta($getRegisterID, 'first_name', $Fields['Name']);

i also tried to check error with exit( var_dump( $wpdb->last_query ) ); but not helpful. Can anyone please help me to resolve.

Update: i tried to debug with

// display fileds value
 echo "<pre>";
 echo "</pre>";
global $wpdb, $table_prefix;


// Not display fileds value
global $wpdb, $table_prefix;

echo "<pre>";
echo "</pre>";
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It seems to be path problem. Try to change include_once to require_once, and check whether file is getting included or not. –  Rikesh Feb 15 '13 at 9:54
@Rikesh i tried to check with file_exists() function but the same the blank page appear on me, and no result found in DB :( –  jogesh_pi Feb 15 '13 at 9:56
Try adding "ini_set( 'display_errors', 1 )" and "error_reporting( E_ALL)" on the top of the page to see if there are any errors or warnings. I too believe the hardcoded url in the include_once call might be the cause –  kjetilh Feb 15 '13 at 9:57
@kjetilh i have set this error_reporting(E_ERROR | E_PARSE | E_CORE_ERROR | E_COMPILE_ERROR | E_USER_ERROR | E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR); ini_set('display_errors', 'on'); but can't helpful. –  jogesh_pi Feb 15 '13 at 9:59
@webomnizz I see, but E_ALL covers warnings and notices which might have occoured as well.. it's nice to rule it out –  kjetilh Feb 15 '13 at 10:02

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the problem might be global $wpdb, $table_prefix; is resetting your $fields try to change your $fields variable.

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