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I have a primefaces dialog like this:

<p:dialog widgetVar="dlg" width="320" height="220" modal="false" closable="false" showHeader="false" resizable="false" position="right,top">

If I click on some element in my page I want to change this dialog to be modal. Is there a client side API for this?



with no success. Method setModal() does not exist. Is it possible to change a dialog this way without roundtrip to the server?

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You have attribute for this (modal) now it false set it madal="true"

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Then it is modal at creation time. The challenge is to have a non modal dialog changing to modal without server roundtrip, only client-side JavaScript. –  psartini Feb 15 '13 at 10:44

Do you use Firefox with Firebug or some other browser / web developer tool that can show you the DOM element dlg?

There you can find that dlg has the methods show() and hide(), as well as enableModality()and disableModality(). These are (almost) what you want.

Unfortunately, enable... and disable don't (as one might think) set an option that makes the dialog become modal when shown. Rather they show or hide the "blackout" div. So when you want a dynamically modal dialog, instead of calling dlg.show() via Javascript, call dlg.enableModality(); dlg.show(), and vice versa for hiding.


There is also the property dlg.cfg which contains some settings. It appears that if you simply set dlg.cfg.modal=true (whether that setting exists at the time or not), then the next time dlg is shown, it's modal (but, unlike setting it in your xhtml, it will still be draggable and resizable).

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