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I have been using rspec for some time now, and I have noticed that I do not get realtime output to STDOUT, that is console hangs until all test are done and then I get results.

I happen to find this rspec formatter (really cool) https://github.com/mattsears/nyan-cat-formatter and realized that all this time I have been missing out on realtime STDOUT output.

I have tried setting STDOUT.sync = true at the beginning of my test execution but no cigar :(

I am using Ubuntu 12.04 | Ruby 1.9.3

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I use Fuubar, "an instafailing RSpec formatter that uses a progress bar instead of a string of letters and dots as feedback" for pretty much all my projects now as I think it provides a meaningful progress bar, as well as realtime feedback.

Although it's not as fun as Nyancat, it's certainly a lot faster!

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