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I am setting up a site using WordPress and buddypress with suffusion theme. All up to date. As per usual I have spammers registering and are banning them as the register. I ban their ip number on the htaccess file. Then I notice an ip number was actually coming from my hosting company and it so turned out that it is the shared hosting ip number, that my site is on.

So some person is registering, numerous times and the ip number is my shared hosting account ip number. Even thought I banned the number its still registering. I get the ip numbers from wordfence and bp register plugins.

I checked my host web stats on the control panel and it shows 174 vists and 446 hits from that ip number. I have checked the ip number on spam lists sites and it does not appear.

My hosting company, who are normally very good, says, The IP address: xxxxxxxx is a part of the shared hosting server: (named of host) which your website is hosted on. This is not a bot host or visitor IP address. I assume that either your website has some redirection loop or this is the script a part of your website such as cron script or similar. There should be no point to block this IP address as this is not an actual visitor on your website.

What does this mean and how do I stop that ip number coming up on some registrations and is my script corrupt.

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What script might be corrupt? What plugins are you using to assist or block registration? –  Michael McGinnis Jul 18 at 22:46
Should this be migrated to ServerFault? –  Albert Xing Jul 18 at 22:50
Try pulling down the site and loading it on your local machine. See if you get the same behavior. –  ssergei Jul 18 at 23:00

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