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In my chat application , I am using primary and secondary servers.

my application gets loaded and initiated via primary server protocol to send and receive messages.

If primary server protocol downs , I have to reconnect the chat application to the Secondary protocol to continue the chat.

Up to this working fine.

But I have to intimate to the browser that "Connection Server was changed" in the JSP page.

How can I do this ?

My java code to detect and change of the server is below

        if(ApplicationInfo.flexProtocol.getState() == ChannelState.Closed ){

            System.out.println("Connection protocol closed ...");
            System.out.println("Old Connection  FlexProtocol  state --->"+ApplicationInfo.flexProtocol.getState());
            try {

                ServerConnection con = SingletonPattern.getInstance();
                ApplicationInfo.flexProtocol = con.getSecondaryConnection();
                System.out.println("New Connection  FlexProtocol  state --->"+ApplicationInfo.flexProtocol.getState());
                protocol = ApplicationInfo.flexProtocol;

            } catch (Exception e) {

Hope you people will give a good solution.

Thanks in advance....

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Store ApplicationInfo.flexProtocol.getState() in a variable and if its gives closed state show that connection server is getting changed . – The Dark Knight Feb 15 '13 at 11:51

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