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I have a ComboBox with few static values.

<ComboBox Name="cmbBoxField" Grid.Column="4" Grid.Row="2" Style="{StaticResource comboBoxStyleFixedWidth}" ItemsSource="{Binding}" ></ComboBox>

MVVMModle1.cmbBoxField.Items.Add(new CustomComboBoxItem("Text Box", "0"));
MVVMModle1.cmbBoxFieldType.Items.Add(new CustomComboBoxItem("Pick List", "1"));
MVVMModle1.cmbBoxFieldType.Items.Add(new CustomComboBoxItem("Check Box", "2"));
MVVMModle1.cmbBoxFieldType.Items.Add(new CustomComboBoxItem("Radio Button", "3"));

When I am saving the data in Database table it is getting saved.


Now when I am trying to Edit my form and binding the value again to combobox it is not showing the value.

  MVVMModle1.cmbBoxField.SelectedValue = dtDataList.Rows[0]["ControlList"].ToString().Trim();

Someone please help me in this. How to bind selected value to the combobox?

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There are quite a few problems with your code here:

  • You are setting the ItemsControl.ItemsSource property to the default binding (bind to the current data context), which is incorrect unless the DataContext is any type that implements IEnumerable, which it probably isn't.
  • If this is correct because the DataContext is, for example, an ObservableCollection<T>, then you still have an issue because you are adding items statically to the ComboBox instead of whatever the ItemsSource is.
  • Also, the type of items you are adding are CustomComboBoxItem, which I'm going to assume inherits from ComboBoxItem. Either way, you can't say the SelectedValue is some string since the values in the ComboBox are not strings.
  • You should really not have a collection of CustomComboBoxItem's, but instead a custom class that is in itself it's own ViewModel.

Now that that's been said, here is a suggested solution to your problem:

<ComboBox ItemsSource="{Binding Path=MyCollection}"
          SelectedValue="{Binding Path=MySelectedString}"
          SelectedValuePath="StringProp" />

public class CustomComboBoxItem : ComboBoxItem
    // Not sure what the property name is...
    public string StringProp { get; set; }


// I'm assuming you don't have a separate ViewModel class and you're using
// the actual window/page as your ViewModel (which you shouldn't do...)
public class MyWPFWindow : Window, INotifyPropertyChanged
    public MyWPFWindow()
        MyCollection = new ObservableCollection<CustomComboBoxItem>();

        // Add values somewhere in code, doesn't have to be here...            
        MyCollection.Add(new CustomComboBoxItem("Text Box", "0"));
        etc ... 


    public ObservableCollection<CustomComboBoxItem> MyCollection
        private set;

    private string _mySelectedString;
    public string MySelectedString
        get { return _mySelectedString; }
            if (String.Equals(value, _mySelectedString)) return;

            _mySelectedString = value;

    public void GetStringFromDb()
        // ...

        MySelectedString = dtDataList.Rows[0]["ControlList"].ToString().Trim();

You could alternatively not implement INotifyPropertyChanged and use a DependencyProperty for your MySelectedString property, but using INPC is the preferred way. Anyways, that should give you enough information to know which direction to head in...


  • Take advantage of binding to an ObservableCollection<T> (create a property for this).
  • Add your items (CustomComboBoxItems) to the ObservableCollection<T>.
  • Bind the ItemsSource to the new collection property you created.
  • Bind the SelectedValue to some string property you create (take advantage of INPC).
  • Set the SelectedValuePath to the path of the string property name of your CustomComboBoxItem.
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Can you use cmbBoxField.DataBoundItem()? If not target the source from the selected value, i.e. Get the ID then query the source again to get the data.


When you bind a datasource it is simpler to do it like this:

private List GetItems(){

List<CustomComboBoxItem> items = new List<CustomComboBoxItem>();
    items.Add(new CustomComboBoxItem() {Prop1 = "Text Box", Prop2 = "0"});
    //...and so on
    return items;

Then in your main code:

List<CustomComboBoxItem> items = this.GetItems();

MVVMModle1.cmbBoxField.DisplayMember = Prop1;
MVVMModle1.cmbBoxField.ValueMember = Prop2;
MVVMModle1.cmbBoxField.DataSource = items;

This will then allow your selected value to work, either select by index, value or text

var selected = dtDataList.Rows[0]["ControlList"].ToString().Trim();

MVVMModle1.cmbBoxField.SelectedValue = selected;
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