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I have this snippet of code that looks like this:

server_directory = "/Users/storm/server"
def get_directory(self, username):
    home = server_directory + "/" + username
    typic = os.getcwd()
    if typic == server_directory:
        return "/"
    elif typic == home:
        return "~"
        return typic

And every-time I change the directory out of the two nice server directory and home directory of the user, it would look like /Users/storm/server/svr_user. How do I make it /svr_user2 instead of /Users/storm/server/svr_user, since I would like to emulate a home directory and a virtual "root" directory?

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As was mentioned in your other question, check out os.path –  danodonovan Feb 15 '13 at 10:36

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Although you can do a lot with string manipulation, a better way would be using os.path:

import os

src = '/Users/storm/server/svr_user'
dst = '/svr_user2'

a = '/Users/storm/server/svr_user/x/y/z'
os.path.join(dst, os.path.relpath(a, src))


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The not so politically correct alternative of eumiro's answer would be:

import re

src = '/Users/storm/server/svr_user'
dst = '/svr_user2'

a = '/Users/storm/server/svr_user/x/y/z'
re.sub(src, dst, a, 1)

Which yields:


Notice the 1 which means replace once.

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