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I'm using a web service which returns results like the following example:


My Core Data schema looks like this:

Core Data relationship method

Using MagicalRecord's MR_importValuesForKeysWithObject method, how would I set about mapping the meals key to the related attribute?

I can map the meals manually after, using a for in loop, but just wondered if there was a way MR_importValuesForKeysWithObject would perform this for me?

Basically I want each object in the JSON "meals" array to become a new Meals entity.

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Override importMeals: on the Person object and do the lookup/create/associate manually.

(longer answer) every property imported via MagicalRecord calls import(PropertyName) on the target object, by implementing it you can override functionality.

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That's brilliant, thank you! – squarefrog Feb 16 '13 at 11:24

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