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Is there any way that a View can be cloned in Android? I have a reference to a complicated view which was first inflated from a layout, and then throughout the lifetime of the app was programatically edited, adding subviews, removing views etc.

I need some way to clone this view object. At this point in time in the app, there isn't enough information available for me to re-inflate the layout and apply all of the view modifications to it programatically to get it to match the original view.

Thanks in advance

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stackoverflow.com/a/15761866/884674 a workaround is at this link. –  jeet.chanchawat Apr 30 '13 at 9:42

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Views can't be cloned

I think you have to implement it by yourself (constructor or method)

Can you think about another solution ? Maybe retaining the View state in another object ?

What is your case which require such a clone ?

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You can't clone views, you have to inflate your view.

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