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I have a problem with executing crontab jobs. I guess I have everything configured properly but when i put:
*/2 * * * * /var/www/site/executescript.sh in
crontab -e
My script is not being executed at all.. Only thing i get in cron.log is:

Feb 15 10:22:35 server crontab[2222]: (root) BEGIN EDIT (root)
Feb 15 10:22:45 server crontab[2222]: (root) REPLACE (root)
Feb 15 10:22:45 server crontab[2222]: (root) END EDIT (root)
Feb 15 10:26:24 server crontab[2329]: (root) BEGIN EDIT (root)
Feb 15 10:27:17 server crontab[2329]: (root) REPLACE (root)
Feb 15 10:27:17 server crontab[2329]: (root) END EDIT (root)
Feb 15 10:29:34 server crontab[2415]: (root) BEGIN EDIT (root)
Feb 15 10:29:53 server crontab[2415]: (root) REPLACE (root)
Feb 15 10:29:53 server crontab[2415]: (root) END EDIT (root)

What mean that cron doesn't even try to execute my script. Do anyone knew what is this related to? Does it mean there is an error in my script ( i don't see one..) Is there a place where i can check more accurate cron logs?

Version of my cron is v5.0

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Have you tried sending SIGHUP manually to the cron deamon with kill? –  fons Feb 15 '13 at 10:50
No i did not, I am kind of newbie in matter of operate on linux, what am i suppose to kill? –  Grzzzzzzzzzzzzz Feb 15 '13 at 10:51
First, make sure that cron is running. –  fons Feb 15 '13 at 10:51
Does the script have the executable bit set? –  Srdjan Grubor Feb 17 '13 at 19:23

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You need to define the binary executing the script. Try with this:

*/2 * * * * /bin/sh /var/www/site/executescript.sh in 
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Thank you very much! –  Proverbio Dec 27 '13 at 9:58

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