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I tried to use akka 2.1.0 on a Tomcat server. But I got an error asking me to put the config library on the classpath too.

Well that's not the issue. I put the config library of Typesafe, version 1.0.0 (the latest) in the lib folder. However, I always get the error

8d31597e-1b6e-4be5-9773-4fb7e0591312akka.ConfigurationException: Akka JAR version [2.1.0] does not match the provided config version [2.0]
    at akka.actor.ActorSystem$Settings.<init>(ActorSystem.scala:172)
    at akka.actor.ActorSystemImpl.<init>(ActorSystem.scala:465)
    at akka.actor.ActorSystem$.apply(ActorSystem.scala:111)
    at akka.actor.ActorSystem$.apply(ActorSystem.scala:93)

The jar files in the lib folder are :

  • akka-actor_2.10-2.1.0.jar
  • config-1.0.0.jar
  • scala-library-2.10.0.jar

Where does this problem come from ?

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It loads a configuration file containing akka.version=2.0 but is expecting 2.1.0. You might have mistakenly defined akka.version in your application.conf. Remove that setting. Otherwise you have a akka-actor 2.0 jar file in your classspath.

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Yeap, thanks!! :-) –  Taggiasco Feb 15 '13 at 12:11

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