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I'm new to Hive and using DBVisualizer for hive

I have a text file in the path *D:\data files\datafiles*. I want to load data from one of the files to a table created in hive. while i'm trying the following,

load data inpath "D:\data files\sample.txt" into table sample;

It is showing error like,

 cause: FAILED: Error in semantic analysis: Line 1:17 Invalid path "D:\data files\sample.txt": only "file" or "hdfs" file systems accepted

How can proceed, to place that file in correct path and where to place it??

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either you can upload that file into hdfs and try same command with hdfs path.


you may use local keyword as below.

load data local inpath "D:\data files\sample.txt" into table sample;

check this for more details

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Backslashes may be problem here. Try:

load data inpath "D:/data files/sample.txt" into table sample;
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