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What is the best way to extent and contribute to a rails gem/engine

I have found this blog gem/engine , which I want to use it in my rails3 application.

But there are few modifications / features I would like to have and I'm willing do code them. And after that I would like to add them to the original gem/engine (if the author permits)

But I'm confused with how and where to code and test my new changes.

So far I have done the followings

1 - Fork the gem/engine to my github account

2 - clone the source to my local machine

3 - created a sample rails app and added the gem (from my github account)

My question is,

How can I do the code changes to the gem and test them. Gem itself has used rspec and I could do that too, but some of the changes I'm planning (like layout changes), is litttle hard to check with rspec.

this gem in using rails > 3

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just change the code of your cloned repo and once happy submit a pull request upstream. if you add features, you better add tests. what is wrong with rspec? – Viktor Trón Feb 15 '13 at 13:14

There is an excellent ScreenCast about it: RailsCasts: Contributing to Open Source

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