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Getting Zend\Db\Adapter\Exception\RuntimeException on file


my database setting code is

  'db' => array(
        'driver'         => 'Pdo',
        'pdodriver'      => 'mysql',            
        'driver_options' => array(
            'buffer_results' => true
        'username'       => 'root',
        'password'       => '',
        'host'           => 'localhost',
        'dbname'         => 'db_name',

result fetching code is

$statement  = $this->sql->prepareStatementForSqlObject($select);
$results    = $statement->execute();

and I tried $results->buffer(); && $results->rewind()

My iterating code is like

foreach ( $results as $result ){    
       // code goes here ..

foreach ( $results as $result ){    
       // code goes here ..
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The exception you are seeing says:

This result is a forward only result set, calling rewind() after moving forward is not supported

Therefore the simple solution would be to store the results in an array then you can iterate over that array multiple times.

$records = array();

foreach ($results as $result)
    $records[] = $result;
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This is because the PDO resultset is Forward Only (so you can't rewind it).

You can try wrapping it with a ResultSet:

$results    = $statement->execute(); // generate your results

$resultSet = new ResultSet; // Zend\Db\ResultSet

// You should now be able to iterate over this multiple times..
foreach($resultSet as $row) {
    // .. 

// You can now buffer if you need..
// Or get an array of all items
$arrayOfResults = $resultSet->toArray();
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This solution seems better to me because you keep wrapping the ResultSet in a ZF2 object to manipulate with. @drbeza approach should be considered in a toArray() method if that was ZF2 team intention – Alwin Kesler May 23 '13 at 17:10

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