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I’m transforming dumb quotes into smart quotes in a contenteditable but the problem is that it also replaces them inside HTML elements like:

<a href=“something” title=“something”

thus making them invalid. I want to only do it for user’s text. Here’s the catch. I have to keep the original formatting elements, so I can’t do something like:


This would remove all HTML elements (formatting) when returned. Here’s the code that I have:

content = clean($('#post_content').html());

// replaces ", ', --, <div> with <p>
function clean(html) {
  html = html.replace(/'\b/g, "\u2018")  // opening singles
         .replace(/\b'/g, "\u2019")  // closing singles
         .replace(/"\b/g, "\u201c")  // opening doubles
         .replace(/\b"/g, "\u201d")  // closing doubles
         .replace(/--/g,  "\u2014") // em-dashes
         .replace(/<div>/g, "<p>")  //<div> to <p>
         .replace(/<\/div>/g, "</p>"); //</div> to </p>
  return html;

What would be the best (most efficient) way to replace dumb quotes only in user’s text and skip the HTML tags like <img src="" />? Thanks!

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Note that replacing <div> won't catch DIVs with attributes, such as <div class="...">. Also, it should be </p> in the very last replace. –  fanaugen Feb 15 '13 at 11:36
@fanaugen oops, fixed it. I don’t care for classes, just <div> that get inserted in by some browsers when changing formatting (ex. from <ul> to <p>) –  Alex Feb 15 '13 at 11:48

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Here’s a possible approach (don’t know about efficiency, but if you only handle strings typed in by users by hand, they probably won’t be very long, so it shouldn’t matter):

  1. split your string into non-overlapping chunks: HTML tags vs. the rest
  2. “educate quotes” only in the non-tags, leaving the tags alone
  3. put the string back together

If the HTML you’re dealing with is well-formed (in particular, if there’s no "<" floating around), the splitting into chunks is easy:

var html   = '<p style="color:red">some "quotes" in here</p>'
var chunks = html.match(/(<.+?>|[^<]+)/g)
// returns Array: ['<p style="color:red">', 'some "quotes" in here', '</p>']

Then, given your clean() function that handles the replacements, you can say:

cleaned = chunks.map(function(chunk){
  return /</.test(chunk) ? chunk : clean(chunk)

to apply your replacements anywhere except between < and >.

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thanks, man! It works great! –  Alex Feb 15 '13 at 13:56

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