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We were reading the Spring.NET documentation which makes reference to dependency injection and found an, at least for me, strange text. It talks about constructor injection vs dependency injection (I've supressed some parts of the text trying to not make the post too long):

The Spring team generally advocates the usage of setter injection, since a large number of constructor arguments can get unwieldy, especially when some properties are optional. The presence of setter properties also makes objects of that class amenable to reconfigured or reinjection later.

And follows:

Supplying all object dependencies means that the object is always returned to client (calling) code in a totally initialized state. The disadvantage is that the object becomes less amenable to reconfiguration and re-injection.

The text ends with:

it is a good rule of thumb to use constructor arguments for mandatory dependencies and setters for optional dependencies.

It seems to me that they are trying to set, in some way, an equalitarian relationship between constructor and setter injection. The say "especially when some properties are optional", but I thought that it was the only acceptable case.

It makes a lot of more sense to stablish all required dependencies through constructor and that it's an anti-pattern to return an object which it's not completely initialized. Obviously that makes the API usable without a container and it's very easy to understand his behaviour because you can't have an instance of the object without supplying all the required dependencies.

I can understand the spirit of what they're saying, but (in my humble opinion) seems that they can make people doubt.

Should I let my objects be injected with setter injection or apply the constructor injection rule when working with Spring.Net?

Thanks a lot!

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