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I want to select all check boxes by default in cakephp, how can I do that

 $selected = $this->Form->input('user_id')                  

 <?php echo $form->input('user_id', 

I have followed following links but didn't get success
cakephp: How to set checkbox to checked?
Multiple checkboxes in CakePHP - how to set which are checked?

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those linked articles are stating it pretty clearly, though. – mark Feb 15 '13 at 12:01

Use the controller and iterate over all options, populating $this->request->data. I never use the view for default values. For me this is logic and part of the controller's responsibility in case of a GET (instead of POST where it should use the posted data instead)


in your case (assuming you got an array of userIds - or any other array containing them):

foreach ($userIds as $userId) {
    $this->request->data['Model']['user_id'][] = $userId;

remember to do this only for if (!posted).

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