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Is there a tool to speed up and distribute compilation of GPGPU programs using CUDA C (where nvcc compiler is part of compilation chain), i.e. something like distcc + ccache (or derivatives and wrappers like distcc-pump, ccontrol, Icecream (IceCC) or DMUCS) for C / C++ and GCC compiler?

Or alternatively is it possible to configure distcc for use with nvcc?

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Unfortunately I don't think it's at all straightforward to make distcc work with non-gcc compilers. It's not impossible, just a nuisance because you have to go modify the distcc implementation to understand the new compiler's options, as mentioned on the distcc FAQ.

An alternative is to use something like Electric Make, which solves the same problem (accelerating builds) in roughly the same way (distribution and parallelization), but at the level of the build tool instead of the compiler. That means that it's completely indifferent to the particular compiler that you use. You can get a free version from http://www.electric-cloud.com/eade.

Disclaimer: I am the Chief Architect of Electric Make

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