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Hi i have a login form which has two EditText's one for email one for password and a sign in button when the user presses the button i want to do some verification of the forms. for example if nothings been inputted into the EditText's change the hint color and text of the EditText's heres what i have tried so far. i'm getting it so it logs out as being "" but it's not changing the hints.

Editable emailInputEditable = emailInput.getText();
    String emailInputString = emailInputEditable.toString();
    Editable passwordInputEditable = passwordInput.getText();
    String passwordInputString = passwordInputEditable.toString();

    Log.v("loginForm", "emailInputString = " + emailInputString);
    Log.v("loginForm", "passwordInputString = " + passwordInputString);

    if(emailInputString ==""){emailInput.setHint("Please enter your email");}
    if(passwordInputString ==""){passwordInput.setHint("Please enter your password");}
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Use this

if(emailInputString.length==0){emailInput.setHint("Please enter your email");}
    if(passwordInputString.length==0){passwordInput.setHint("Please enter your password");}

To disable signin button use below code

if(emailInputString.length==0 && passwordInputString.length==0)
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Cheers worked a treat –  Luke Batley Feb 15 '13 at 12:04
how do i disable the sign in button if both editTexts are "" –  Luke Batley Feb 15 '13 at 12:24
on the reference of signin button call setVisibility(View.Gone); –  koti Feb 15 '13 at 12:28
check updated answer –  koti Feb 15 '13 at 12:29

Try this:

if(emailInputString.equals("")){emailInput.setHint("Please enter your email");}
if(passwordInputString.equals("")){passwordInput.setHint("Please enter your password");}

You put this code into button click event

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Try this..



                // Perfom your logic here..

                passwordInput.setError("Please enter your password");

            emailInput.setError("Please enter your email..");

Happy Coding :)

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To compare Strings use equals() ...

Edit. too late :/

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