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Vim EasyMotion has search character using:


which highlights all occurrences of character from which i can choose.

Is there an equivalent motion for search matches like


which hightlights all occurrences of phrase "add" from which i can choose?

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<leader>f{char} brings you to character, not a search pattern. (now default <leader><leader>f )

The way I am using this plugin is, I am watching the position (char or word) I want to go to, type <leader><leader>f or w..., type the highlighted letter to move my cursor to the right position. So I don't have a requirement of going to a certain pattern using easymotion.

however what you want is possible. you could search add first, by / or ?, then type <leader><leader>n or <leader><leader>N all adds are with a prefix, which you could choose.

(if your easymotion mapping is with single <leader>, change the double leaders to single)

read :h easymotion

2.1 Default mappings

for detail

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