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Is this possible to have different versions of Erlang/OTP installed simultaneously on the same platform?

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It is no only possible, but also very frequent. On my machine I have one version that I installed for development (R13B03) it is the default version when I launch erl. A second copy of the same version associated with nitrogen. this copy is used when I start my nitrogen website. The version will not change when I will use the R16B.. for development A partial older version which came with the installation of Wings3D.

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On a Mac, Macport helps switching, even between versions it covers and newer ones.

E.g. with Erlang 17 installed directly from Erlang Solutions, you could switch back to RB1603 (open a new terminal window afterwards):

sudo port activate erlang @R16B03-1_0+hipe+ssl

Switch back to Erlang 17 by _de_activating the Macports install (and open a new terminal window afterwards):

sudo port deactivate erlang @R16B03-1_0+hipe+ssl

List all versions you have installed with:

port installed erlang
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I believe this blog post could be very useful:

How to manage multiple Erlang installations

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Yes, I usually install different versions in my home directory. I build them from source:

./configure --prefix=$HOME/r15b01
make && make install

Then I can choose a version to use with PATH=$HOME/r15b01/bin:$PATH, and compile and run things as usual.

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I use Kerl to install Erlang on my machines. Quite easy to use, and allows to have several Erlang systems installed on same machine. You can then easily choose the one you want to use.

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