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Here is the schema of my DB:

id | user1 | user2 | status  //status 1 means the user is a friend
 1     1       2      1
 2     3       1      1    
 3     1       4      1
 4     2       3      1
 5     4       2      1 

In the above example

  1. userId 1 has 3 friends 2,3,4
  2. userId 2 has 3 friends ie. 3,4,1
  3. userId 3 has 2 friends ie: 1,2
  4. userId 4 has 2 friends ie:1,2

I need to find mutual friends between 2 people.

Any Ideas,

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Currently i list out the friend of userId 1 and friends of userId 3 and then manually compare it.. Is there a way to get the result in one query – user1584103 Feb 15 '13 at 12:32
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I am not really sure if this is the best solution. But maybe something like this:

        CASE WHEN t2.user1=1 THEN t2.user2 ELSE t2.user1 END AS userId
        t AS t2
    WHERE 1 IN (t2.user1,t2.user2)
    AND t2.[status]=1
) as tbl
    WHERE 2 IN (t.user1,t.user2)
    AND tbl.userId=(CASE WHEN t.user1=2 THEN t.user2 ELSE t.user1 END)
    AND t.[status]=1

This gets the mutual friends from user 1 and 2. Which is 3,4

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As far as i can see this query should suffice. where {x} is userA and {y} is userB

select user2 
from friends
where user1 = {x}
and status = 1
and user2 in (
 select user2 
 from friends
 where user1 = {y}
 and status = 1
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