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Introduce: I have one simple plan with one simple job. Tasks:

  1. Source code checkout
  2. MSBuild
  3. Run tests
  4. Generate test report

And in 4 step my utility generate test report with screenshots. Report contain absolute links to images. (for example: onclick="window.open('./Screenshots/66ef3a03-8b82-4b40-b49d-b0155e273738.png');return false;"). If i open report on local machine, report work fine, but on Bamboo i recieve error "Page Not Found", because Bamboo not collected "Screenshots" folder.

Question: How can i setup Artifact Definition for collect folder with files?

P.S. I try to set "*.*" copy pattern, but bamboo collect only files (without folders and subfolders)

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The best way of doing this is to zip all you artifact together. I created a bash script to do this

cd "toArtifactFolder"
zip -r Artifact .

Then in bamboo project settings you have to edit the Artifact and changed the location to where ever the artifact zip file is Then in the Copy Pattern just enter the zip file eg Artifact.zip

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Please see my question: "How can i setup Artifact Definition for collect folder with files". My main goal: Open html report file with screenshots by web. If i collect all files to archive, first I should download, unpack and only after all open report. This is inconvenient. –  Vladimir Avdeev Mar 15 '13 at 11:05
Yes, I am already did this script. In this way my archive have size 50mb. And after each build i should download this archive.. it is no good way. –  Vladimir Avdeev Mar 15 '13 at 11:09

You just have to give the folder Location, like "build/", for instance, and then, in the Copy Pattern you can put **/*.* That should copy all the files you want.

Please note that:

  • The location is relative to the build directory. Do not use the absolute path to refer to the location.
  • Asterisks are not supported for Location. For this field, provide the folder name where the file would be located.

Plus, you can define as many Artifact Definitions as you want.


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Is it works recursevly? Will it collect subfolders? –  hatesms Oct 7 '13 at 15:40

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