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I am new on programming. Can anybody please tell me how can i write this code short n sweet without using loops in php.

<li><a href="#" class="active_paginate" onclick="paginate_main('ALL','10','pagination');">ALL</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('A','10','pagination');">A</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('B','10','pagination');">B</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('C','10','pagination');">C</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('D','10','pagination');">D</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('E','10','pagination');">E</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('F','10','pagination');">F</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('G','10','pagination');">G</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('H','10','pagination');">H</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('I','10','pagination');">I</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('J','10','pagination');">J</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('K','10','pagination');">K</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('L','10','pagination');">L</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('M','10','pagination');">M</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('N','10','pagination');">N</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('O','10','pagination');">O</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('P','10','pagination');">P</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('Q','10','pagination');">Q</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('R','10','pagination');">R</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('S','10','pagination');">S</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('T','10','pagination');">T</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('U','10','pagination');">U</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('V','10','pagination');">V</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('W','10','pagination');">W</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('X','10','pagination');">X</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('Y','10','pagination');">Y</a></li>
<li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('Z','10','pagination');">Z</a></li>
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Why don't you want to use a loop? This is just crying out for a loop –  Mark Baker Feb 15 '13 at 12:53
It's possible with a write-only Haskell-like function, but a loop would be so much more obvious. –  TaZ Feb 15 '13 at 12:54
Wonder who +1ed this question –  Dr. Dan Feb 15 '13 at 12:55
@NaitikMistry I am more worried than being jealous about your overall understanding of programming and logic –  Dr. Dan Feb 15 '13 at 13:01
@NaitikMistry That means you had a failure in your script or you don't understand loops. Don't ignore problems, but repair them! Practice is key to learn programming. (BTW. you tell us PHP but that is html/javascript)... –  Bondye Feb 15 '13 at 13:10
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The obvious optimization would be to use a loop (this is personally what I would have done).

However you could make a simple function to stop repeating yourself.

    function paginationOption($letter)
        echo '<li><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main(\'' . $letter . '\',\'pagination\');">' . $letter . '</a></li>';

Then use it like so:

<?php echo paginationOption('A'); ?>
<?php echo paginationOption('B'); ?>

But that's not all - you can super charge it with a loop!

foreach (range('A', 'Z') as $letter) {
    echo paginationOption($letter);
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But did he ask for without recursion? :p

function paginate($char) {

    if ($char == "Z")
    echo "<li ><a href='#' onclick='paginate_main('$char','10','pagination');'></a></li>";


and then call it with paginate('A');

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There's no clean way to do that without a loop. Therefore you should go with:

$a = range('A', 'Z');
<?php foreach ($a as $l) : ?>
    <li >
        <a href="#" onclick="paginate_main(<?php echo $l; ?>,'10','pagination');"><?php echo $l; ?></a>
<?php endforeach; ?>

but if you want to go the dirty way, then:

function abc($char = 65) {
    if ($char > 90) return;
    <li >
        <a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('<?php echo chr($char); ?>','10','pagination');"><?php echo $chr($char); ?></a>


will work. Notice that the second is the worst because in a certain point the stack will be having 25 functions calls opened.

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for what he needs, use chr instead of an array. –  d4rkpr1nc3 Feb 15 '13 at 12:57
While this is the most sensible solution (or for ($letter = ord('A'); $letter <= ord('Z'); $letter++) { ... chr($letter) ... }, OP specifically mentioned "without using loops". –  CodeCaster Feb 15 '13 at 12:57
@CodeCaster, edited. –  Jefffrey Feb 15 '13 at 12:59
@d4rkpr1nc3, range is even better. –  Jefffrey Feb 15 '13 at 13:07
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<?php for($i = 65; $i <= 90; $i++ { ?>
     <li ><a href="#" onclick="paginate_main('<?=chr($i);?>','10','pagination');"><?=$chr($i);?></a></li>
<?php } ?>
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He asked 'without loop' –  Dr. Dan Feb 15 '13 at 12:58
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