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I have a shell script, which runs a tool.

What I want is, the exit code of this shell script should be written in a .XMLfile.

What I have done so far

# command1
# command2    
echo "<status>" > /home/buser/ABC/status.xml   // Writing into XML    
cp2foss -f ABC -q all /srv/foss/$archive_file2 --user foss --password foss; 
echo $? >>  /home/buser/ABC/status.xml   /// Wrting exit code into XML
echo "</status>" >> /home/buser/ABC/status.xml

Its working perfectly, but I dont think its a good cosing practice.

How can I write exit code in the XML file without such violation?

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If you want a code review, consider using – kojiro Feb 15 '13 at 13:03

how about

# command1
# command2    
cp2foss -f ABC -q......
echo "<status>$?</status>" > path/to/status.xml
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There are no violations in the above code, but you could write it this way:

cp2foss -f ABC -q all /srv/foss/$archive_file2 --user foss --password foss
printf '<status>%d</status>\n' "$?" > /home/buser/ABC/status.xml
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You might prefer to write it like this as it's cleaner and easier to grok.

    echo "<status>" 
    cp2foss -f ABC -q all /srv/foss/$archive_file2 --user foss --password foss;
    echo $? 
    echo "</status>" 
} > /home/buser/ABC/status.xml   # Writing into XML
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