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I have an exception resolver that catches exceptions and returns view accordingly.

<bean class="com.mycomp.project.util.MyExceptionResolver">
<property name="exceptionMappings">
        <prop key="com.mycomp.project.domain.exception.PermissionException">permissionException</prop>
        <prop key="com.mycomp.project.controller.payment.PaymentException">paymentException</prop>
        <prop key="com.mycomp.project.domain.exception.CSRFException">csrfException</prop>
        <prop key="com.mycomp.project.domain.exception.KeyEncryptionKeyException">keyEncryptionKeyException</prop>
        <prop key="java.lang.Exception">exception</prop>
<property name="defaultErrorView" value="exception" />

Everything's fine.

But I have separate Views & Controllers for two parts of my web application for which I need to handle exceptions and need to display a different view than the others. So all I need is a different view if the exception happens:


different view for:


Any idea?

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You could implement a HandlerExceptionResolver and on your resolveException method you could add a prefix on the view lookup based on which handler was being executed.

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