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I'm completely new to ruby (consider me a nuby...) and am running through some very basic exercises to get to grips with the new syntax.

I've hit upon a 'can't convert Fixnum into String (TypeError)' error and whilst it seems simple enough I'm unsure about how to get around it. I thought my logic was sound - convert the entered string variable to an integer and then carry out the basic operation - but apparently I'm missing some key bit of information.

puts 'What is your favourite number?'
favenum = gets.chomp
better = favenum.to_i + 1
puts 'Yeah '+favenum+' is nice enough but '+better+' is bigger and better by far! Think on.'    

Have tried searching for an answer but examples of the same error out there are waaay beyond my rudimentary ruby (rubimentary....sorry I'll stop now) skills at present.

I'm sure it will take all of 10secs to answer, but thanks anyway.

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Ruby (unlike some other languages) does not cast objects to strings when they are operands in String#+ method. Either cast to string manually:

puts 'Yeah ' + favenum.to_s + ' is nice enough but ' + better.to_s + ' is bigger and better by far!'

or use string interpolation (note the double quotes):

puts "Yeah #{favenum} is nice enough but #{better} is bigger and better by far!"
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So the error in my code is in the output of the variables, not in the manipulation of them in the lines above? Am I correct in thinking favenum is originally stored as a string? Maybe the tutorial I'm following (pine.fm/LearnToProgram/?Chapter=04) isn't all it's cracked up to be...? –  Dan Solo Feb 15 '13 at 13:26
@DanSolo: Indeed, favenum indeed is a string and shouldn't cause the error. It's integer better variable that causes it. –  Sergio Tulentsev Feb 15 '13 at 13:30
Great, thanks. Now you mention it I can see logically why using' + better +' when better is an integer would cause an error. Thanks for the alternative options in getting around it. My journey continues... –  Dan Solo Feb 15 '13 at 13:37
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Try using string interpolation, like this:

puts "Yeah #{favenum} is nice enough but #{better} is bigger and better by far! Think on."
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Based on the tutorial you're following

puts 'Please enter your favourite number: '
number = gets.chomp
imp = number.to_i + 1
puts 'I\'d say '.to_s + imp.to_s + ' is a much better number.'

Produces the "correct" result at a beginner level.

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