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Is there anything better than the Disqus Ruby Gem? Perhaps something geared specifically towards Rails?

(The Disqus gem might be the best option, I just haven't been able to find much color one way or the other).

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You can always just sign up for an account for your site and stick their generic javascript into your page where you want it:


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That link is dead, try this one: disqus.com/websites –  ipd Oct 1 '13 at 23:54

Since Feb 2010 The disqus javascript will load asynchronously.


Nothing will be waiting on Disqus to load, even if Disqus is slow to respond, and the web page will load quicker.

Official embed code: http://help.disqus.com/customer/portal/articles/472097-universal-embed-code

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The Ruby gem's helper just embeds Disqus' native Javascript, which is bad because it loads the Disqus comments synchronously.

Rather than make users wait, I did some hacking and got the comments to load asynchronously. Check out my blog post on the subject.

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your link doesn't work. There is application error there –  wilgosz.pl Jun 28 at 0:50

I looked into this myself. There's a couple of Ruby gems, but Norman's disqus gem that you listed was the only one I could find with Rails helpers.

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