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I am using MSSQL 2008 R2. I am attempting to get the latest data date up to a date stored in another column. I am able to pull the latest data date overall using max(ProcedureDate) in a subquery; however, i need the latest date before the date that's stored in the column.

Here's an example:

Current Table: Procedures       

ID Patient  ProcedureType   ProcedureDate
1  George   ExamA           1/1/2013
2  George   TreatmentA      1/3/2013
2  George   TreatmentB      1/5/2003
4  George   ExamB           2/1/2013
5  George   TreatmentA      2/5/2013

Desired Table:  ProceduresWithLastExam

ID Patient  ProcedureType   ProcedureDate   LastExamDate    DaysSinceLastExam    LastExamType
1  George   ExamA           1/1/2013        1/1/2013        0                    ExamA
2  George   TreatmentA      1/3/2013        1/1/2013        2                    ExamA
3  George   TreatmentB      1/5/2013        1/1/2013        4                    ExamA
4  George   ExamB           2/1/2013        2/1/2013        0                    ExamB
5  George   TreatmentA      2/5/2013        2/1/2013        4                    ExamB

I have attempted using the following, but it only pulls back the latest data date for that Patient.

select p.*, a.LastExamDate, a.ProcedureType as LastExamType from Procedures p
left join (
   select exams.Patient, exams.ProcedureType, MAX(exams.ProcedureDate) as LastExamDate from Procedures exams
   where ProcedureType like 'Exam%'
   group by exams.Patient, exams.ProcedureType
on p.Patient = a.Patient

The results for all rows is 2/1/13 as LastExamDate and ExamB as LastExamType.

I have attempted including some additional date parameters in my left join, in my where clause, and in my subquery to no success.

Please note I have omitted datediff logic until I can get the correct dates to return.

Thanks in advance for the help.

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You can use OUTER APPLY. It is like a correlated subquery but allows multiple columns:

        [LastExamDate] = exam.ProcedureDate, 
        [DaysSinceLastExam] = DATEDIFF(DAY, exam.ProcedureDate, p.ProcedureDate),
        [LastExamType] = exam.ProcedureType 
FROM    Procedures p
        (   SELECT  TOP 1 exams.ProcedureType, exams.ProcedureDate
            FROM    Procedures exams
            WHERE   Exams.ProcedureType LIKE '%Exam%'
            AND     Exams.Patient = p.Patient
            AND     Exams.ProcedureDate <= p.ProcedureDate
            ORDER BY Exams.ProcedureDate DESC
        ) exam;

Example On SQL Fiddle

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This is awesome. Thank you. Exactly what looking for. – devdallas Feb 15 '13 at 14:00

This can be done with OUTER APPLY:

        B.ProcedureDate LastExamDate, 
        DATEDIFF(DAY,B.ProcedureDate,A.ProcedureDate) DaysSinceLastExam,
FROM Procedures A
                FROM Procedures
                WHERE Patient = A.Patient 
                AND ProcedureDate <= A.ProcedureDate
                AND ProcedureType LIKE 'Exam%'
                ORDER BY ProcedureDate DESC) B

Here is a demo for you to try.

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