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I did this operation:

definitions.objects.values_list('title', flat=True)

And it returns these results:

[u'accelerate', u'acute', u'bear', u'big'...]

You will realize that the results are all in unicode (u'). How do I remove them all so that I get the result:

['accelerate', 'acute', 'bear', 'big' ...]

Thanks in advance!

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If you want to encode in utf8, you can simply do:

definitions_list = [definition.encode("utf8") for definition in definitions.objects.values_list('title', flat=True)]
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You could call str on all the values (note that map is a bit lazy, list() added to immediately turn it back into an indexable object):

thingy = list(map(str, [u'accelerate', u'acute', u'bear', u'big']))

Or use a list comprehension:

[str(item) for item in [u'accelerate', u'acute', u'bear', u'big']]

In the end though, why would you require them to be str explicitly; added to a django template (like {{ value }}), the u's will disappear.

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I think the short way is using json.dumps()

json.dumps(definitions.objects.values_list('title', flat=True))

so you will get the string result as json format like

'["accelerate", "acute", "bear", "big" ...]'

and if you want to change that into python variable, simply use eval as the function, so your code more like this

json_format_string = json.dumps(definitions.objects.values_list('title', flat=True))

my_list = eval(json_format_string)  # ['accelerate', 'acute', 'bear', 'big' ...]
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i used this

my_list = list(map(str, [u'accelerate', u'acute', u'bear', u'big'...]))
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