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I really love the client side processing of selecting a file and having a preview with the option to cancel or delete.

However i want to upload the page with a form and i don't need to use ajax. I have been fiddling with all the options and i cant find anyway to post to form with the files selected synchronously.

Is it possible to get data.files to post with the form?

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A file upload without AJAX is pretty simple in most languages. It seems that your question is not quite clear. – Jay Blanchard Feb 15 '13 at 13:57
Jay Blanchard have you used the blueimp jQuery-File-Upload? I understand that's its very simple to do a file upload without ajax, that wasn't my question. My question was using blueimp jQuery-File-Upload to do a synchronous form post. – Topaz Feb 16 '13 at 5:07
Posting files with a form requires an upload component to go along with the form posting component, but I am unsure what you mean bt "synchronous" in this context? Do you meaning posting the form data and uploading something at the same time? If so see this -… – Jay Blanchard Feb 18 '13 at 20:57

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You can submit files through a standard form submit using the blueimp jQuery-File-Upload by setting the replaceFileInput option to false.

From the documentation:

By default, the file input field is replaced with a clone after each input field change event. This is required for iframe transport queues and allows change events to be fired for the same file selection, but can be disabled by setting this option to false

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It can be done by turning autoUpload to false, collecting the files in an array, then t the end do a single ajax call with all the files together with the form data, as described here.

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blueimp jQuery-File-Uploader is created for easy ajax file upload. If you want simple, multiple file input to post to your server. You will need to modify using provided API to modify how it should behave.

I would suggest to use different library.

This is one of them I founded on the web :

I think it will easier to use this library and tweak the ui that similar to jQuery-File-Upload.

Here is code sample to show preview of image file before upload to server.

Just change the MultiFile.addToList function on line 283

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