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I know about call and apply in JavaScript, but I'm currently stuck with the following scenario.

I'm using Benchmarkjs, and it has an API defined like this:

.on(eventType, listener)

So I'd do, for instance:

/* Register the onStart callback */
suite.on('start', onStart);

My onStart function will be called so that this === suite.

How can I do so that I can define one of the arguments of onStart?

My code is something like this:

foo = function() {
   this.suite.on('start', this.onStart);

I'd like my onStart function to have a reference to foo.

Any suggestions?

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Use bind to override this and insert parameters. – Raymond Chen Feb 15 '13 at 14:01

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You can invoke Function.prototype.bind for creating partial applications / curried functions.

.bind() takes the context as first parameter and all following passed in parameters will be used as formal parameters for the bound function invocation.

suite.on( 'start', this.onStart.bind( this, foo ) );

The reference to foo will now be available to onStart() as very first argument.

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You can pass this to onStart by wrapping it in a function.

foo = function() {
    this.suite.on('start', function(arguments){onStart(arguments, this)});

I prefer passing it instead of using bind, since bind isn't supported by IE 8 and lower.

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This will lose the arguments to onStart that are passed to it by Benchmarkjs. – Salvatore Iovene Feb 15 '13 at 14:06
@SalvatoreIovene: whoops, forgot about that. Kindof ugly, but this works. – Cerbrus Feb 15 '13 at 14:07

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