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Environment is MonoDevelop 3.1.1 / Mac OS X 10.8.2 / Macbook Pro w/North American English keyboard

What keyboard shortcut cycles forward/backward through open documents?

I saw this document which seems to suggest CTRL + PgDn and CTRL + PgUp, however it doesn't work for me (on a laptop as described, so I used CTRL + fn + DownArrow and CTRL + fn + UpArrow).


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In Xamarin Studio 4.0 on OSX 10.8.2, the keyboard shortcuts for switching between tabs (representing open documents) are Option + Command + LeftArrow and Option + Command + RightArrow.

Xamarin Studio is based on MonoDevelop, so the keyboard shortcuts might be the same.

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Interesting... I'm using Xamarin Studio now, although it does seem to be the same in MD too. However, the shortcut you mention is listed as 'Navigate Forward/Backward', and seems to take my backward and forward through my 'navigation history'. I'm not quite sure what 'navigation history' is, but it's more than just tabs - it seems to be navigating me both between tabs (although not necessarily in the order they are open) as well as to locations within tabs... –  TheNextman Feb 25 '13 at 14:42

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