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I have defined the following class for a node in a linked list:

template <class T>
struct ListItem
    T value;
    List<T> wordList; // <--------
    ListItem<T> *next;
    ListItem<T> *prev;

    ListItem(T theVal)
       this->value = theVal;
       this->next = NULL;
       this->prev = NULL;

The above class contains another class, i.e List, which has its own functions, one of which is insertAtEnd. I have created a ListItem and I want to change the value of its wordList component by calling insertAtEnd. What is the syntax for doing that?

Here's the list class:

template <class T>
class List
    ListItem<T> *head;


    // Constructor
    List();         //done

    //test function
    void displaylist();

    // Copy Constructor
    List(const List<T>& otherList);       //done

    // Destructor

    // Insertion Functions
    void insertAtHead(T item);        //done
    void insertAtTail(T item);        //done
    void insertAfter(T toInsert, T afterWhat);    //done
    void insertSorted(T item);                    //done

    // Lookup Functions
    ListItem<T> *getHead();                       //done
    ListItem<T> *getTail();                       //done
    ListItem<T> *searchFor(T item);               //done

    // Deletion Functions
    void deleteElement(T item);                   //done
    void deleteHead();
    void deleteTail();                            //done

    // Utility Functions
    int length();                                 //done

Here's the implementation for the insertAtTail function.

template <class T>
void List<T>::insertAtTail(T item)
    ListItem<T>* a = new ListItem<T>(item);


        ListItem<T>* temp;

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"I have created a ListItem and I want to change the value of its wordList component by calling insertAtEnd." Perhaps show what you have for that so far. All you have here is a decl and a constructor (and a missing initializer list where a copy-ctor for your member should be invoked). – WhozCraig Feb 15 '13 at 14:10
You should look for some tutorials about C++. I am not even sure if this is valid C++... Try this first. – bash.d Feb 15 '13 at 14:11
YourListItemVarName.wordList.insertAtEnd(..params...) – WhozCraig Feb 15 '13 at 14:14

Something like

wordList.insertAtEnd( .... arguments ....);
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  1. I don't know your exact use case, but I really doubt a ListItem should have a List
  2. To use wordList simply do this->wordList.insertAtEnd(........) (this is not obligatory here).
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What I'm trying to create is function that takes in a file containing several hundred words, make a two-dimensional linked list with each node containing another list that contains all the words starting with a particular alphabet. The function I'm trying to make is declared like this: List<string> Dictionary() I'd been instructed to add a List<T> wordList object in the ListItem struct to proceed with this task. – Saad Tariq Feb 15 '13 at 14:20

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