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I have a String type variable like this:

String response_str="[{"Code":"AC_70","Id":1,"Lat":23.847153,"Lon":88.254636,"Name":"Rejinagar"},{"Code":"AC_51","Id":2,"Lat":25.024795,"Lon":88.118248,"Name":"Englishbazar"}]

Now, I have created a method, like this:

public void parse_json_str(String json_str)

        Log.i("String: ",json_str);


I went through the tutorial here and got a method to do it.

private void JsonParsing() {
  JSONObject jObject;
  String jString = "{\"menu\": {\"id\": \"file\", \"value\": \"File\", \"popup\": { \"menuitem\": [ {\"value\": \"New\",   \"onclick\": \"CreateNewDoc()\"}, {\"value\": \"Open\", \"onclick\": \"OpenDoc()\"}, {\"value\": \"Close\", \"onclick\": \"CloseDoc()\"}]}}}";
  try {
   jObject = new JSONObject(jString);

   JSONObject menuObject = jObject.getJSONObject("menu");
   String attributeId = menuObject.getString("id");

   String attributeValue = menuObject.getString("value");

   JSONObject popupObject = menuObject.getJSONObject("popup");
   JSONArray menuitemArray = popupObject.getJSONArray("menuitem");

   for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
    Log.i("Onclick:", menuitemArray.getJSONObject(i).getString(
  } catch (Exception e) {


The problem is that, the JSONs are of different structures, I want to parse my json in the same way. My json does not contain any mother node. Any suggestions on how to parse the json will be of great help.

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You should take a closer look at the structure. This JSON is an array with 2 objects. So after creating JSONArray you should iterate through all possible JSON Objects in it.



private void JsonParsing()
    JSONArray lJSONArray;
    String jString = "your JSON here";
        lJSONArray = new JSONArray( jString );

        JSONObject lJSONObject;
        for ( int i = 0; i < lJSONArray.length(); i++ )
            lJSONObject = lJSONArray.getJSONObject( i );
            // PARSE FIELD HERE
            String lCode = lJSONObject.getString( "Code" );
            // ETC

    catch( Exception e )


try with this :)

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