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I have recorded some simple selenium tests by Selenium IDE. Now I want to run those tests in Jenkins. Which plugin to Jenkins do I need to do that? And how to run the tests step by step? Help is appreciated.

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Do you want to run HTML Test Suite? or, have you exported selenium tests into other language? (e.g., java, C#, python etc.) –  Ripon Al Wasim Feb 25 '13 at 5:23

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you can use recorded selenium IDE script and selenium-server.jar file to run it from Jenkins Here is steps:

  1. Go to SeleniumHQ page and download Selenium Server file Eg: selenium-server-standalone-2.33.0.jar
  2. Repair html test suite Use Selenium IDE to record then save as html test case and test suite then put them in a same folder eg: TestCase.html, TestSuite.html
  3. In jenkins
    • Plugin Seleniumhq
    • Configure Selenium runner file Manage Jenkins > Configure System > Selenium Remote Control: htmlSuite Runner = path to file u have download in step 1
    • Configure Job to run In Build field click " Add build step" then select "seleniumhq htmlSuite Run" browser: *firefox or *iexploer .... startURL: http://www.google.com or ... suiteFile: Input absolutely path to TestSuite.html file saved in step 2 resultFile: Input absolutely path to a file that results will be saved

Hope this help!

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I created a project to do just that using 'Selenium Builder' (not IDE): github.com/djangofan/simple-selenium-builder-framework –  djangofan Jun 2 at 21:00

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