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I have a problem of security with Oracle Reports. To have a report called you have to put together the url, in the url, there is a parameter called userid. This parameter is not encrypted and can be seen from the source of the html. I have tried putting a wbsite inbetween to send those parameters in a post form, algo, I have turn the parameters in hexadecimal but reports converts it to ascii again.

Has anybody encountered this problem? I dont know what else to do.

The parameter is called "input_hidden_parameters"

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According to the docs for Oracle Reports Services 11g: Data Source Security

Data source security defines the users or roles that can access the data within the given data source. A report might access multiple data sources and the current user must have privileges on all of the data sources accessed by the report in order to run it and view the output. The data source administrator (typically a DBA) grants access to data sources. Data source security must be established and in place prior to configuring your reports environment.

You can provide for data source security in two different ways with Oracle Reports Services:

You can associate data source connection information with a Single Sign-On user. In this case, the first time a user attempts to access the data source, Oracle Delegated Administration Services prompts them to create a resource for their data source connection. After the user creates this data source resource, OracleAS Single Sign-On associates it with the user in Oracle Internet Directory. Once the data source resource is associated with the Single Sign-On user, it becomes part of their Single Sign-On identity and they can access the data source without having to log in to it separately. This method has two key advantages. First, it enables each user to gain access to the data source through their Single Sign-On identity without having to login separately. Second, it enables a single report URL to be used by many users because the data source login information is stored with the user's identity and therefore does not have to be hard coded into the report's URL or a key mapping.

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Use the Key Map file cgicmd.dat to hide the database connection string and other parameters.

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