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I'm trying to get apns to work. I had a development and distribution provisioning profiles setup prior to working on apns. So I'm going through the steps in the apple docs titled "Creating and Installing the Provisioning Profile". I don't understand these steps:

  1. Go to the provisioning portal in the iOS Dev Center.
  2. Create a new provisioning profile that contains the App ID you registered for APNs.
  3. Modify any existing profile before you download the new one. You have to modify the profile in some minor way (for example, toggle an option) for the portal to generate a new provisioning profile. If the profile isn't so “dirtied,” you're given the original profile without the push entitlements.

So - since I already have existing profiles, do I skip #2, and do #3 instead? Or do I have to delete my current profiles and create them from scratch, which would start me at #2 again?


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You can skip #2 if you already have a profile. If it doesn't work, you can always delete the existing profile and create a new one.

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