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I use similar code as its shown here in the question. Java and AppStore receipt verification

But I still end up getting

{"status":21002, "exception":"java.lang.IllegalArgumentException"}

Can it be a problem at Base64 encoding?. Do I have to convert the base64 encoded string into hex or something else?.

What i post is similar to following

{"receipt-data" : "eyJzaWduYXR1cmUiOiJBbjNJVER0VVNmZWNhaGMxR.....
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I had a similar problem and was receiving the java.lang.IllegalArgumentException from Apple when trying to validate a receipt on my server. The problem was that my base64 encoding logic was inserting lines breaks into the encoded string. Once I updated my code to ensure no new line breaks were being inserted into the encoded string, I was able to successfully verify my receipts against Apple's servers.

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The problem was at Base64 encoding inside Java. When I do the encoding inside IOS and use that as the request from server without any encoding in Java, then it worked.

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Seems odd that this would make a difference, no? Maybe there is a difference in the receipt you get from Apple and the way it's received by your backend? – Ariel Vardi Dec 10 '13 at 21:51

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